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This week in Flyte (Jan 29 - Feb 2)✍🏽 @Istiyak H. Siddiquee wrote a blog post covering the Flyte deployment process on bare-metal servers and running a workflow. ◦ Read the blog🎓Recording of this week's Flyte School episode ◦

Developing and Productionizing Data and ML pipelines

🗞️ Flyte Monthly newsletter is out! Join the mailing list to receive it. • 📚 The #ai-book-club wrapped up the "Designing ML Systems" book. Next week a new book: "Implementing MLOps in the Enterprise" ◦ Learn more and RSVP: Upcoming • You are invited to join next week's Community Meeting to learn about: ◦ ⚙️ How and why Wallapop has implemented Flyte to manage ML pipelines. ◦ 🔍FlyIn plugin: convert Python tasks into a VSCode server and develop ML models interactively. ▪︎ 🗓️ Tuesday, Feb 6 ▪︎ 🕔 9:00am PT ▪︎ 🟢 Zoom link: 🟢 ▪︎ Learn more and add it to your calendar: • Upcoming Flyte School episode: ◦ Building sensors and agents in Flyte ◦ Host: the man, the legend, @Kevin Su 🙇🏽 ◦ Date: February 22 ◦ Time: 9:00a.m. PT ◦ More info and RSVP: -- Thank you!