hi guys, is there a way to set the task’s pod temp...
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hi guys, is there a way to set the task’s pod template at runtime? i went through this, but it’s not exactly what we want. our use-case is similar to `with_overrides`: we want to target a different nodegroup for the task to run on using k8s labels. we currently have a dynamic workflow that computes the dataset size and estimated training workload, and then uses
to specify mem, cpu and gpu. we want to use this estimation to target a diff nodegroup w better GPUs
we went w this approach, involving creating different tasks with diff pod templates:
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def task():

def task_wrapper_gpu():

def task_wrapper_big_gpu():
then in our dynamic workflow, we select the task based on the runtime params:
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def wf():
    resource = sizing()
    if resource == "big":
        t = task_wrapper_big_gpu
        t = task_wrapper_gpu()
    out = t()
PodTemplate should probably be supported as an override - would you mind filing an issue?
Also in this scenario have you tried using a conditional from a flyte workflow? This would negate the need to stand up a new pod for a dynamic workflow just to do this.