# contribute

Richard Liu

01/26/2024, 11:30 PM
Hi all, I was hoping to contribute to the flyte fork of stow Hopefully this change would add support to Flyte core to communicate with server-sideā€“encrypted S3 buckets. My first PR - please let me know if I'm missing anything!

David Espejo (he/him)

01/29/2024, 5:41 PM
awesome. Thanks @Richard Liu And thank you @Ethan Brown for the prompt reviews!

Ethan Brown

01/30/2024, 11:15 PM
Sure! I'll try and help test this with @Richard Liu in our environment. We want to make sure to maintain backwards compat for all existing Flyte installs, but would still love for Flyte to be able to understand when KMS based SSE is available to use it

Richard Liu

02/20/2024, 10:23 PM
Hi Flyte team, this PR should be ready for a look when someone gets a chance - again, please let me know if I'm missing anything!
Apologies for bumping again, but wanted to check on this PR and see if there's anything I can do to help get it reviewed/approved. Thanks šŸ™