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# announcements
This week in Flyte (Jan 22-26)🎯* flytekit 1.10.3 release* ◦ Highlights: ▪︎ Support for Python 3.12 ▪︎ Faster load times due to lazy loading of modules (#2049) ▪︎ New asyncS3fs plugin improves download/upload speed by up to 100% (#1936) ▪︎ New FlyteDeck visualization displays Tasks source code (#2038) ▪︎ + multiple ergonomic improvements! • ✍🏽The team from aiXplain blogged about their journey with Flyte, the migration from Kubeflow and some of the benefits they're already seeing: ◦ Read the blogShare with the community your journey with Flyte ◦ Let us know if you also want to blog. It would be super helpful for everyone here! • 🎤 With an acceptance rate below 10%, @Bernhard Stadlbauer achieved the -almost- impossible: his talk was accepted for Kubecon EU! ◦ Session details ◦ Let us know if you plan to attend the conference. It'd be great to organize a community gathering over there! • 💡New RFC Incubator entry: offloading of objects during registration (add your comments) Upcoming🎓 Flyte School episode about "Developing and Productionizing ML/Data pipelines" ◦ RSVP🗓️Tuesday, 9:00am PT • ⚠️*Community meeting will use a new Zoom link starting Feb 6*⚠️: ◦ Add to your calendar to stay in sync OR ◦ Manually update your calendar event with the new link: Thanks for reading 🙂