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šŸŽ‰*Community raffle winner:* Congrats @Griffin Brome and thank you for supporting the project in so many different ways! We hope you enjoy your well deserved prize. šŸ‘€This is the current leaderboard: https://keepthescore.com/board/mrvqrjrgdtznr/ šŸ¦œA new winner will be announced every week until Feb 6th. These are some of the ways to participate and earn raffle tickets: ā€¢ Star the Flyte repo: 5šŸ„‡ ā€¢ Refer a friend to join the Slack community: 3šŸ„‡ ā€¢ Write a blog/post about your experience with Flyte: 5šŸ„‡ ā€¢ Assist other community members with issues: 2šŸ„‡ ā€¢ And more! Learn more in the blog!