Hi Team, I’ve recently come across flyte and thin...
# flytekit
Hi Team, I’ve recently come across flyte and think it’s an amazing project, nice work there! Starting to familiarise myself with it and going through the code and one thing I’ve not yet quite gotten my head around is how the workflow DAG is generated in code. Can anyone point me to relevant code or documentation for it? Quite keen to dive into that
@Christoph Sitter, welcome! Here's the repo for Flyte: https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte Also go to https://docs.flyte.org to familiarize yourself with the project.
When you say you want ore details about how the dag is generated are you talking about how we turn the python code into Flyte's internal representation?
Yup, exactly. I’m trying to think of ways to remove some of the restrictions required to make the DSL work and make it a more python native experience