Has anyone run a multi-cloud Flyte deployment (ie....
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Has anyone run a multi-cloud Flyte deployment (ie. control plane in AWS and data plane in GCP) using the multi-cluster setup? Would be interested to chat through the use-case
Don't see anything at first glance that indicates this wouldn't work
Rahul that may not be possible in Flyte, it goes against some core assumptions, but union can be multi cloud
Happy to have a chat
Gotcha - makes sense. I guess if you could expose one cluster’s apiserver via a proxy with auth to do cross cloud would that work? Understand it may not be possible today but as a future direction potentially
Think it’d be possible to get the internal abstractions right with some thought
It’s not just exposing k8s, it’s the data store that needs to be abstracted correctly
For an internal hack project a few weeks back, I spiked using Tailscale (which sits on Wireguard) to create a private network mesh that joined AWS and Azure -- this has the nice property of being a cloud agnostic solution. No need to poke holes in the ingress to expose anything. The Tailscale k8s operator / MagicDNS makes exposing services cross-cluster dead simple. Headscale is a similar DIY approach. Submariner makes similar promises but haven't gotten a chance to use it yet.