I want to trace where the line of code print this ...
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I want to trace where the line of code print this msg error. I have try to search all project Flytekit with keyword 'doesn't match expected type', But it couldn't found anywhere in Flytekit. Can anyone have me this
Can you share the code?
It seems like type checking error
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from flytekit import task, workflow

def a(input_a: str) -> str:
    return input_a

def b(input_b: str) -> int:
    return len(input_b)

def c(input_c1: str, input_c2: str) -> str:
    return input_c1 + str(input_c2)

# @workflow
# def my_wf_2(a: str = '123', b: str = '234') -> str:
#     output_a = a(input_a=a)
#     output_b = b(input_b=b)
#     output =  c(input_c1=output_a, input_c2=output_b)
#     return '123'
def mywf() -> str:
    output_a = a(input_a='123')
    output_b = b(input_b='234')
    output = c(input_c1=output_a, input_c2=output_b)
    return output
@L godlike That's right, my purpose is trace to where the line of code in Flyte print that error
This is type check error
You can use workflow compiler
These 2 words to search
I know it exists
I’ve seen it before
@L godlike I have search directly in that purple msg error in entire of Flytekit. But i just found
def pretty_print_grpc_error
is related to this print
is this msg report in Flytekit @L godlike
Search failed to compile workflow
this is the error from propeller.
when you register a workflow, flyteadmin will use the compiler in the propeller to compile the workflow
thanks u