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Devendra Johari

01/15/2024, 7:02 AM
Hi, I'm facing one doubt related to flyte: I wanted to use custom docker image for running my tasks on it. Flyte is installed as a Single Cluster in my system. I use pyflyte init command to create a project and In that package I got the Dockerfile inside it. I try to customize it. but each time i run pyflyte run --remote workflows/ It uses it's default flyte image. Can you please suggest me the way i can use my custom dockerfile image for running my python script.

Ketan (kumare3)

01/15/2024, 8:00 AM
You have the pass the image using —image argument. If you want automatic then either set container_image to the actual Built image or use imagespec

Devendra Johari

01/17/2024, 11:55 AM
Thanks for the help. I need to do it with --image tag in pyflyte. But that image should be pulled from the container-registry which requires authentication. So how can i pass credentials along with --image tag