Hi all -- I have a question regarding the Flyte Co...
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Hi all -- I have a question regarding the Flyte Console (Web UI) -- is there an easy way (e.g., breadcrumbs) to get from a Flyte execution to the Launch Plan that it was launched from (or more specifically, to get from an execution to the list of similarly-scheduled executions)? For example, we have a Launch Plan named
-- if I go to the Launch Plan page, I can see the daily runs (see first screenshot below). However, if I click into a given execution, the breadcrumbs at the top of the page only redirect me back to the underlying workflow, not the Launch Plan (see second screenshot below). Clicking through to there, I see no information about any of the daily runs or any link to the relevant Launch Plan (see third screenshot below). Every time I want to get from an execution back to the full list of daily runs, I have to go manually find it, which is frustrating.
it is infact possible. we are working on a massive UI update
We have a completely new UI at Union and we are thinking, how we can share it with open source
cc @John Votta / @James Hoover fyi
Hi @Joe Kelly, trying to understand the issue a bit more, the page you need exists but the navigation is unintuitive?
That is correct @James Hoover -- my usual use case here is that I am on the page for a single execution failure for some hourly or daily process, and I want to quickly just check "has this been failing for a while, has this succeeded on its other runs since this failure, etc" -- so I really just want to quickly and easily get to a view of all of the similar runs. Practically, my issue can be solved by simply changing the
in the breadcrumbs URL to
after I click it, but obviously that's not optimal
@Ketan (kumare3) that's great to hear! Excited to learn more about that
Thank you for the feedback. While this is fixed in the UI Ketan mentioned we're always looking to further improve it
@Joe Kelly would you be open to have a chat
Sure! I'm free anytime after 10:30 Pacific Time today, or can do next week if that's easier for you