hello! Quick question - what's best pattern of tri...
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hello! Quick question - what's best pattern of triggering flyte workflows based on events (similar to argo-events)? Like, trigger a workflow when new file is uploaded to s3 bucket or a pubsub message is received?
or you can also follow this blog post - https://flyte.org/blog/build-an-event-driven-neural-style-transfer-application-using-aws-lambda and upcoming there is a feature in union and may come to flyte, automatic trigger with lineage
follow work on artifact service
thanks I'll check that out
Hi, if we use
file sensor
for event driven execution of a workflow then we don't need to create launch plans with CRON details (eg. execute the workflow every 4 hours) . Am I correct?
No this is still like airflow you have to schedule the sensor right
If you want fully event driven either use lambda or at union we have artifact and event triggers
Happy to talk and share, currently that is not open sourced