It definitely doesn't look as visually appealing a...
# contribute
It definitely doesn't look as visually appealing as the "Year wrapped" that our good friends from Spotify deliver, but it's equally awesome to see the commitment and passion of this great community. This is the Top 10 # of contributions in 2023: We can only say: thank you Keep building, keep striving, and also keep the feedback coming. We have a commitment to build a healthy, productive and welcoming community and you all are part of it. PD. That #1 spot is secured, @L godlike is still pushing commits! cc @honnix @Byron Hsu @Fabio Grätz @Yicheng Lu @Andrés Gómez Ferrer @Rafael Raposo @Yi Chiu @Bernhard Stadlbauer @Nelson Arapé
Love you all
Congrats @L godlike
My contribute is not so fair because I guess it comes mostly from flytekit-java, lol.
@honnix thank you for working on agent feature a lot
Sure thing. Good job working the complex changes. @L godlike