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Alykhan Tejani

12/19/2023, 9:19 AM
Hi all, I have a use-case for the TFJob I was wondering if you could maybe help me out with. to run my TF training, I have a process that builds a docker image that contains all dependencies and the entrypoint runs a binary that runs a training service I want to run this in a TFJob so that I can run this service across the chief + workers with TF_CONFIG set properly. I tried by doing:
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chief=Chief(replicas=1, image='<registry_path_to_my_image'>),
worker=Worker(replicas=4, image='<registry_path_to_my_image>'
def default():
However when the chief and worker containers start they fail as the image I supply 1) doesn't contain flyte-execute 2) doesnt have the correct entrypoint. What is the proper way to achieve the desired behaviour?