Hey Team, I have everything I need working proper...
# flyte-deployment
Hey Team, I have everything I need working properly, except external access via ingress. I added this ingress section to my local-values.yaml file for a flyte-binary helm deployment on k3s:
create: true
<http://kubernetes.io/ingress.class|kubernetes.io/ingress.class>: traefik
<http://traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/app-root|traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/app-root>: /console
<http://ingress.kubernetes.io/protocol|ingress.kubernetes.io/protocol>: h2c
<http://traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol|traefik.ingress.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol>: h2c
<http://ingress.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol|ingress.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol>: h2c
host: <my fqdn>
Once I reload with "helm update", the web interface works perfectly on the host fqdn, however the gRPC system doesn't seem to function. I can't submit jobs with pyflyte, or do other command line related actions. I get the following error when using pyflyte register:
E1215 09:24:17.346769202 250039 <http://hpack_parser.cc:999]|hpack_parser.cc:999]>         Error parsing 'content-type' metadata: invalid value
Failed with Exception Code: SYSTEM:Unknown
RPC Failed, with Status: StatusCode.UNKNOWN
details: Stream removed
Debug string UNKNOWN:Error received from peer {grpc_message:"Stream removed", grpc_status:2, created_time:"2023-12-15T09:24:17.372600113-06:00"}
Any ideas? I've attempted debugging by viewing the logs, but I don't see errors in any of the traefik logs, any way to debug more verbosely? Removing the ingress section returns everything to a fully functional state (after re-forwarding ports 8088/8089 as specified the the guide).
Hi garretcook , did you solve this issue? We are at the exact same spot right now.