Hi Guys, im having a tough time launching flyte on...
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Hi Guys, im having a tough time launching flyte on my ec2, can someone help me? 1. In the first pic, you can see my flyte pod is facing some issues, I have connected flyte to my s3 bucket as recommended and connected to my postgres which also ive deployed on my ec2. 2. The second and third pictures are the logs of the flyte-binary pod. Im not sure I understand the error message, can someone tell me whats going on? 3. In the 5th pic which is the log of flyte-backend-binary pod you can see it has connected to postgres and is accepting connections 4. 6th pic is the logs of postgres and it shows some error message like missing some attributes. Im quite a beginner at this and would appreciate some help Thanks
@Eren Yeager could be related to not installing the postgres DB correctly. have you by any chance looked into this guide: https://github.com/davidmirror-ops/flyte-the-hard-way/blob/main/docs/04-create-database.md? cc @David Espejo (he/him)