Hello, I face a new issue, with the basic sample a...
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Hello, I face a new issue, with the basic sample app.py I can execute
unionml train app:model -i '{"hyperparameters": {"C": 1.0, "max_iter": 1000}}'
, and the workflow execute and run OK in flyte, but when I want to predict
unionml predict app:model -f data/sample_features.json
I've got an error :
TypeError: No automatic conversion found from type <class 'sklearn.linear_model._logistic.LogisticRegression'> to FlyteFile.Supported (os.PathLike, str, Flytefile)
which is a flytekit originated error, my config is unionml 0.2.1, flyteidl 1.5.21, flytekit 1.9.1, scikit-learn 1.3.2, with flyte-binary I'm stuck with this issue, any idea on how to fix, by specifying a type somewhere ? or is it a bug due to some new version of packages ? thanks in advance for any help or hint, at least to workaround this problem, or better I use the s3 storage to store and link the features file ? Slack Conversation
would you mind sharing the code you're trying to run? also, what's the flytekit version? cc @Niels Bantilan
👆 which sample
code are you using?
I suspect it has something to do with type annotations. Are you working with this sample app code? https://unionml.readthedocs.io/en/latest/local_app.html
Would you also be able to share more of the error stack trace?