Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face: I have a que...
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Hey everyone ­čÖé I have a question about the
pyflyte run --max-parallelism
option of executions. Even when setting it to 1, I see multiple pods scheduled at the same time while I would have expected only a single one. Am I misunderstanding this option? Is the same for you as well?
What version of Flyte are you running? I know there was a lingering issue where max-parallelism was not correctly tracked on multiple node evaluations within the same propeller round.
You are entirely correct though, we expect only one Pod.
We are using a very recent one ­čĄö
­čśů interesting. I'll take a look here in a bit.
alright, so IIUC we're cutting a new release today or tomorrow that will include this fix. i just tested again and in 1.11
configuration with be respected correctly.
Oh wow awesome!
Looking forward to test ­čÖé
Ran this in our staging cluster, can confirm it works ­čÖé