Hey guyz, we are using container task but flyte-co...
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Hey guyz, we are using container task but flyte-copilor-sidecar keeps on failing even though the actual container is having success status, error in the co-pilot pod / flyte UI is
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Pod failed. No message received from kubernetes.
[flyte-copilot-downloader] terminated with ExitCode 0.
[as8wpfbrg6cklxj9jlpg-n1-0-n1-2] terminated with ExitCode 0.
[flyte-copilot-sidecar] terminated with exit code (1). Reason [Error]. Message: 
Type to use [iam, accesskey]. (default "iam")
      --storage.connection.disable-ssl             Disables SSL connection. Should only be used for development.
      --storage.connection.endpoint string         URL for storage client to connect to.
      --storage.connection.region string           Region to connect to. (default "us-east-1")
      --storage.connection.secret-key string       Secret to use when accesskey is set.
      --storage.container string                   Initial container (in s3 a bucket) to create -if it doesn't exist-.'
      --storage.defaultHttpClient.timeout string   Sets time out on the http client. (default "0s")
      --storage.enable-multicontainer              If this is true,  then the container argument is overlooked and redundant. This config will automatically open new connections to new containers/buckets as they are encountered
      --storage.limits.maxDownloadMBs int          Maximum allowed download size (in MBs) per call. (default 2)
      --storage.stow.config stringToString         Configuration for stow backend. Refer to github/graymeta/stow (default [])
      --storage.stow.kind string                   Kind of Stow backend to use. Refer to github/graymeta/stow
      --storage.type string                        Sets the type of storage to configure [s3/minio/local/mem/stow]. (default "s3")
      --tls-server-name string                     If provided, this name will be used to validate server certificate. If this is not provided, hostname used to contact the server is used.
      --token string                               Bearer token for authentication to the API server
      --user string                                The name of the kubeconfig user to use
      --username string                            Username for basic authentication to the API server
  -v, --v Level                                    number for the log level verbosity
      --vmodule moduleSpec                         comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging
Can anybody help me with the same?
it's on GCP, it's showing 403 forbidenn error in writing the blob even though service accunt has the permissions
other pods are able to upload and download but only copilot is giving this error. can anybody plz help here ?
for now i've changed the copilot image version to 1.9.37 and it works before it was 1.3.0 which caused the problem with