# contribute

Kevin Su

11/26/2023, 10:24 AM
🚀 Hey community, I just nominated @L godlike as a flyte committer. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication in contributing to the Flyte project, making invaluable contributions to the community. Nomination: Here is the contribution he made: • ChatGPT agentDatabricks agentSync pluginFlyteChatGPTSummaryBotEmail notification in the sandbox • Improve test coverage ◦ flyteorg/flyte@033276dflyteorg/flyte@ac4ec7d • Added Flyte sensor example. • Added GPU enabled sandbox image • Tons of PRs to improve the Flyte agent • Tons of PRs to improve the Kubeflow plugin • Flyte blog, tutorial, video. •

Developing an LLM app with Flyte Agents