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Community Question -> I am able to override launchplan's default inputs I am new to Flyte and running through it'd documentation. I was on LaunchPlan section. I was working my way with documented examples - but this is where I noticed the inconsistency. I created a launch plan as shown in docs
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simple_wf_lp_fixed_inputs = LaunchPlan.get_or_create(
    name="fixed_inputs", workflow=simple_wf, fixed_inputs={"x": [-3, 0, 3]}
But, when I run
simple_wf_lp_fixed_inputs(x = [3,3,1], y= [1,2,3])
Not only it works (I was expecting an error being thrown) but it also gives me modified results as if fixed inputs didn't matter at all. Please guide.
Was testing the validity of the last line. PS, I am running this in python shell and not via pyflyte command.
@Varshit Dusad yes, python isn't the way to test fixed inputs. can you register this python file using
pyflyte register
and try using the
launch plan while triggering the workflow? you won't be able to provide
@Samhita Alla - thanks for the reply. I will give this a test. But, may I ask - how can we preemptively decide what to test in python and what not? Because flyte documentation often shows running workflow files as python scripts as a good proxy during development stages.
you can definitely use Python! but since fixed inputs is more of a flyte feature, it won't work with python. to leverage everything that flyte offers, you need to run it on the cluster.