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#4446 [Housekeeping] Support pytest-xdist Issue created by thomasjpfan Describe the issue
allows us to run the tests in parallel, which speeds up local development and the CI. GitHub actions allocates 2 cores per runner. With
pytest -n
I get the follow runtimes locally: • 1 core (default): 121 seconds • 2 cores: 80 seconds • 4 cores: 48 seconds The issue is that 4 tests fail. If we adjusts these tests, then we can get
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FAILED tests/flytekit/unit/core/test_conditions.py::test_condition_tuple_branches - AssertionError: assert '__channelexe...tions.sum_sub' == 'tests.flytek...tions.sum_sub'
FAILED tests/flytekit/unit/core/test_type_hints.py::test_error_messages - AssertionError: Regex pattern did not match.
FAILED tests/flytekit/unit/core/test_type_hints.py::test_union_type - AssertionError: Regex pattern did not match.
FAILED tests/flytekit/unit/core/test_workflows.py::test_wf_nested_comp - AssertionError: assert '__channelexe..._workflows.t1' == 'tests.flytek..._workflows.t1'
What if we do not do this? We would not be taking advantage of all the CI compute and local compute for development. Related component(s) flytekit Are you sure this issue hasn't been raised already? ☑︎ Yes Have you read the Code of Conduct? ☑︎ Yes flyteorg/flyte