Hi Slack Community, I may have discovered a bug, t...
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Hi Slack Community, I may have discovered a bug, that I would like to share. It might be worthy to fix it, since it is very problematic for certain use cases. We actually need to verify the JWT created by the Flyte IdP for GRPC communication. It turns out that many JWT Parser report the Token to be invalid because of an "invalid key type" being used. So for example the golang-jwt library has problems verifying the JWT token. Not to mention that the token is not transported in the default header called "Authorization". This all creates a lot of headache
@Rob Ulbrich would love to understand more Cc @Haytham Abuelfutuh
could you share your code? this is just a guess, but it sounds like we don't have the correct key to verify the jwt's signature
@Haaken Baldwin: Sorry I am not allowed to share the code, but it is easy to reproduce: Simply copy the JWT issued by the Flyte IdP. Then go to the IdP JWKS endpoint and copy the key. Then try to validate the JWT with the very common golang library "golang-jwt". The validation will fail