# ray-integration

Padma Priya M

11/06/2023, 8:11 AM
hi, I am facing issues while performing ray tuning in flyte. I have used KubeRay operator v0.5.2. Using RayJobConfig, I am requestion for head node and 1 worker node.
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ray_config = RayJobConfig(
      head_node_config=HeadNodeConfig(ray_start_params={"log-color": "True"}),
      worker_node_config=[WorkerNodeConfig(group_name="ray-group", replicas=1)],
      runtime_env={"pip": ["numpy", "pandas"]},
For instance: The pod is assigned to a node of IP and it has secondary IPs and The trials of the tuning process is running in secondary IPs and the trials running in alone is running and providing proper results but when the trials running in other secondary IPs are getting failed with error. I have attached the error screenshot. The trials that are assigned to IP alone is getting passed and trials assigned to other IPs are getting failed with the attached error message. Why are the trials getting assigned to the secondary IPs and why the trials running in a single IP alone is getting passed and trials trying to assign to other IPs are getting error ?
hi, do anyone has any suggestion or solution for this ?