Hey community - I have a FixedRate launchplan that...
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Hey community - I have a FixedRate launchplan that runs every 10 minutes, and when we release a new version during CI, we cause the new version to start running by doing a
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flytectl update launchplan -p <project> -d <domain> <launch_plan_name> --version <git release sha> --activate
As @Samhita Alla pointed out to me 5 months ago when I asked how to first deactivate (--archive) the old version, we rely on not having to do that - the old one automatically stops when the new one (same name, but different version) is activated. This is handy because it'd be a pain in a github workflow to discover the version of the running launchplan (and sadly you can't just --archive by name, you have to supply a version). However, recently, the behavior of
flytectl update launchplan
seems to have changed. While previously the above command would run without any user interaction, and work as expected, in the last month it has started prompting for user-input like so:
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The following changes are to be applied.
--- before
+++ after
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-state: 0
+state: 1

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This causes the github workflow to fail. I haven't found any documentation about how to pass a flag to say, "don't ask, just proceed" I'm not really sure what's changed, because our last update of the flyte (single binary) was more than a month ago, and we've been on flytekit 1.8.0 all that time, but I may be missing or wrong about something. Any ideas? (maybe there is some flyte config option we've changed that I'm unaware of that will cause this behavior? maybe there is a db setting someone has messed with that requires user confirmation for updates?)
You can pass a
flag to
flytectl update launchplan
and it should proceed without requiring the confirmation (we dug into this for use in our github workflow as well)
The change was likely the rollout of the new
version that the github workflow is picking up (at least, that's what caused us to start seeing this a couple weeks ago)
@Joe Kelly thanks so much! I did not find this in the docs. @Samhita Alla Did I miss it? I see a ref to
which is not the same option.
Would you mind creating an issue? [flyte-docs]