Folks a major PR is about to get merged. This adds...
# flytekit
Folks a major PR is about to get merged. This adds a lot of interesting functionality and cleans up some base functionality - Examples of improvements •
pyflyte run
used to use a special way of handling certain objects, now that is centralized to use the typeEngine •
pyflyte run
gate node
used different string parsing systems, now that is centralized •
pyflyte run
can now use
multiple files
in a directory locally to create a new remote FlyteDirectory representation •
pyflyte run
code has been simplified Improvements •
pyflyte info
added •
pyflyte fetch <flyte-uri>
added • This introduces new
concept that is available in the UI and you can retrieve inputs and outputs from any execution (workflow or even a single node) instantaneously as it deeplinks into it. • centralizes
as the way to interact with data Planned work • Artifacts service that is unblocked and simplified with this • improved launchform experience from flyte uris • and many more data interaction improvements
@Ketan (kumare3) did you notice my message here? there seem to be a newly introduce issue with the recent fsspec library when running locally. The quickest way to resolve it is locking
. A more extensive fix is supporting
as a list or a tuple. Your changes seem to have touched a lot of stuff around it.