Does anyone know how to execute tasks remotely wit...
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Does anyone know how to execute tasks remotely with a POST request? Is there documentation on it somewhere?
@Ketan (kumare3) Can you possibly assist?
can you not use one of the generated clients - or python (flytekit.remote) or others in this repo
you can use rest, but the api is harder to use that way
Thanks @Ketan (kumare3). We have a front-end either built in Angular or React and are looking at kicking of flyte tasks from there.
Aah that works
We have a typescript client
Cc @Frank Flitton is that right
Yes, that's correct. You can see how we build the requests and encode/decode protobufs in the Flyte Console in these files: The proto definitions can be added to your project from here: Some helpful util fns are here (timestamps, etc):
You can always monitor the network requests from chrome to find the specific API endpoint(s) you need then reference these protos to build the request.