Hi everyone. I’m trying to dynamically set resourc...
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Hi everyone. I’m trying to dynamically set resources based on the amount of rows in a dataset. I’m hitting this really opaque error that I can’t get past. In trying to get to the bottom of the issue, I adapted the example in the docs to look a lot like my code. I get the same error! Any wisdom would be very much appreciated! Have I formulated this incorrectly?
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import typing

from flytekit import Resources, task, workflow, dynamic

@task(requests=Resources(cpu="1", mem="200Mi"), limits=Resources(cpu="2", mem="350Mi"))
def count_unique_numbers_1(x: typing.List[int]) -> int:
    s = set()
    for i in x:
    return len(s)

def square_1(x: int) -> int:
    return x * x

def memory_string() -> str:
    return "400Mi"

def my_pipeline(x: typing.List[int]) -> int:
    return square_1(x=count_unique_numbers_1(x=x)).with_overrides(
        limits=Resources(cpu="6", mem="500Mi")

def my_workflow_dynamic(x: typing.List[int]) -> int:
    memory = memory_string()
    return square_1(x=count_unique_numbers_1(x=x)).with_overrides(

def my_workflow_dynamic_wrapper(x: typing.List[int]) -> int:
    return my_workflow_dynamic(x=x)
And the error is:
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TypeError: bad argument type for built-in operation
Hi Joe, Every result during the workflow stage is wrapped as a 'Promise'. To get at the underlying python object, you need to send it to another workflow or task. so in
you're actually creating a resources object where memory is defined as a wrapped promise object, which it doesn't want.
memory = memory_string()
, put
memory: str
in the args for
and pass in memory when you call it. It will be unwrapped when it's sent to the dynamic and you won't get that error anymore