# ask-the-community

Thomas Newton

10/16/2023, 11:43 AM
Me again. I have a question about default parameters. It seems like default parameters are supported on workflows, and they are implemented by putting them into the default launch plan. On tasks it seems like default parameters are very limited. In particular it looks like
paramater: Optional[T] = None
is the only allowed way of using default paramaters. I think this is the relevant logic in flytekit. Not supporting all default parameters can be a bit confusing to users who expect tasks to behave just like normal python functions. Does anyone know the motivation for how it is currently?

Samhita Alla

10/24/2023, 6:19 AM
An issue has been created already to track this:

Thomas Newton

10/24/2023, 7:37 AM
Ah, thank you. I probably should have found that myself.