I want to read and write data to my Own PostgresSQ...
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I want to read and write data to my Own PostgresSQL database, but i have just seen that Flyte just supported SQLite task only? Can you suggest me this, or i have to connect it through another extend lib (such as boto3 for s3).
Maybe you can use
? Do you want to write the output of a task to Postgres or do you want a task which just runs a Postgres query? My understanding of the
is that they just run a query against the database. If you want to store the output of a python task in postgres then I think it would be possible to make yourself a
output format similar to the one for bigquery https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/blob/d90385a0e921a6a373ab80a9261949d45fbbad92/tests/flytekit/unit/types/structured_dataset/test_bigquery.py#L17-L18. I'm expecting to do something like this in future and I think the most likely solution for me is writing a decorator completely distinct from flyte so that I can replicate
output types to postgres in addition to writing them to an object store.