I'm getting a strange error, I'm not sure why (err...
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I'm getting a strange error, I'm not sure why (error threaded)
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Workflow[flytesnacks:development:.flytegen.flyte_rf.master.run_rf_mpnn_esm_wf] failed. RuntimeExecutionError: max number of system retry attempts [11/10] exhausted. Last known status message: Failed to check Catalog for previous results: rpc error: code = Internal desc = Unable to read artifact data from location <s3://my-s3-bucket/metadata/flytesnacks/development/flyte_task-flyte_rf.mpnn_workflow.run_protein_mpnn/2.0-so0rb28S-ERl7whL3/267feb64-ab2e-4689-8679-e2fbd807c8c0/o0/data.pb>, err path:<s3://my-s3-bucket/metadata/flytesnacks/development/flyte_task-flyte_rf.mpnn_workflow.run_protein_mpnn/2.0-so0rb28S-ERl7whL3/267feb64-ab2e-4689-8679-e2fbd807c8c0/o0/data.pb>: not found
I suspect there is something lingering from a previous
flytectl demo
sandbox? but i'm not sure how I can delete that. So far I've teardown'd the cluster and pruned volumes and deleted
but I think something must be missing somewhere. I'll try again though to be sure.
@Dan Farrell, does that file exist in minio?
nope! It seems to have gone away after another
docker volume prune
(but now I see that
flytectl demo teardown -v
would have also worked) seems like the workflow should not fail if it is unable to find this though....