Hi, community. Currently, <@USU6W5ATA> and I spend...
# contribute
Hi, community. Currently, @Kevin Su and I spend lots of time working on the Flyte Agent Service. I want to write docs to help contributors to contribute the Agent Plugin. This is a Doc about "Agent Service Lifecycle" and "How to develop agent plugin service". Here's the outline. • Why Plugin Service but not write the service within a task? • Why Agent Plugin Service? • How does Agent Plugin Service work? • How to set up Agent Service in Development Mode? • How to Develop your agent efficiently? If you have time, please read about it and give me some feedback, I will improve it to help more developers, thanks a lot! https://hackmd.io/uGHTUJ3NSEa5SE8ly9OXhw?view
hey @L godlike this is great! I'll review. Would you like to have it as a guest post in the flyte.org site?
Of course yes, if it needs to be better, please feel free to tell me, this is my first time to try technical writing
If possible, please also mention @Kevin Su in the article. He spent lots of time pair-programming with me for the agent service plugin and taught me a lot.