# flyte-deployment

Brian O'Donovan

10/11/2023, 6:03 PM
Is there a config somewhere I can set aws sse keys for S3 operations on encrypted buckets?

Kevin Su

10/11/2023, 6:20 PM
IIRC, it not exposed right now. let me create a pr shortly.
could you give it a try? You need to update the default-env. add FLYTE_AWS_SERVER_SIDE_ENCRYPTION to the config

Brian O'Donovan

10/12/2023, 6:03 PM
Thank you, Kevin. I actually have a ticket open with Union right now. We are having issues with a particular account/bucket that was SSE-S3 encrypted at first. Thinking that was problem, I removed the encryption on the bucket and we are still seeing the issue. I will test drive this branch today if we don't land on a solution with the Union ticket though I don't think the SSE is the culprit right now

Ethan Brown

11/29/2023, 2:15 PM
Just running into what looks to be the same issue in my environment -- we use SSE and I'm seeing a 403 when using
pyflyte run --remote
. Will try setting the env var and a
helm upgrade
but looks like this PR never landed / shipped
Left a comment on your PR @Kevin Su -- the setting needs to be more flexible than what you have defined