Hampus Rosvall

    Hampus Rosvall

    5 months ago
    Hi, I have deployed Flyte on EKS and I am experimenting with the fast register approach as I am only iterating my source code. I saw that I should configure flytectl with S3 configuration. It works with “non-fast” registration but I am getting this error with fast registration. I have serialized using the fast approach initially. Any ideas what might cause this error?
    (.venv) ☁  ~ ⚡ make register PROJECT=determined DOMAIN=development
    flytectl register files \
    		 --project determined \
    		 --domain development \
    		 --archive flyte-package.tgz \
    		 --version v1-fast1
    Error: please check your Storage Config. It failed while uploading the source code. Failed to write data [69b] to path [fast/v1-fast1-fast9bb248f6c3ae89386ec7105633eaaee8.tar.gz].: PutObject, putting object: NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.
    	For verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors
    gmake: *** [Makefile:22: register] Error 1
    (.venv)   ~  cat ~/.flyte/config.yaml
      endpoint: dns:///localhost:8089
      authType: Pkce
      insecure: true
      show-source: true
      level: 0
      type: stow	
        kind: s3
          auth_type: iam
          region: eu-west-1
      container: <name-of-my-bucket>


    5 months ago
    Did you configure aws cred ? You need aws cred before running it
    Hampus Rosvall

    Hampus Rosvall

    5 months ago
    Right, using
    did the trick. Thanks for the quick support!
    Ketan (kumare3)

    Ketan (kumare3)

    5 months ago
    @Hampus Rosvall coming in 2 weeks is a way that you will no longer need AWS creds
    Flyte will automatically manage that, but please use this today
    Hampus Rosvall

    Hampus Rosvall

    5 months ago
    Awesome, makes sense. Thanks for the update @Ketan (kumare3) 🙂