What are the approximate costs of running a flyte ...
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What are the approximate costs of running a flyte cluster on AWS or GCP? Just the cluster itself, not considering the compute costs (Iā€™m thinking on using spot instances).
That's very hard to answer in a useful way because workload variability is huge šŸ™‚. I'm happy to share what I believe the lower bound is. We have a teeny EKS dev cluster in a dedicated AWS account where we try out things (of which, Flyte is one of them). It just uses 2 spot instance nodes of small size, and all the security features (cloudwatch logging, guard duty, etc). This has an extremely low cost. All in, we only pay around $500/mo $400/mo. (sorry, mis-typed) So, I think that's the lower bound for AWS EKS.
Great, thanks Terence!
Thank you @Terence Kent , One way to look at the cost of Flyte besides auxiliary costs is by he single binary cost. Flyte single binary includes all of Flyte in one binary including Ui and for decent scale can be 2 cores and 4gb of memory. This would be maybe 0.025$/hour ondemand 20$ per month. Remember this does not include human cost, storage cost and db cost
I would love to have you write this breakdown on a blog post @Terence Kent! I think people wonder about that a lot... There is EKS overhead, Control Plane compute (autoscaler, core dns... etc.), and Flyte overhead... a breakdown of each of these, machines used, processing/load capacity (we can run 10K workflows on a flyte binary with these specs or something along those lines)... Maybe somebody else can do something similar on GCP and we co-author that...
@Haytham Abuelfutuh - happy to do that, probably won't find the time for a while though šŸ™‚. We run in Azure + AWS, so we'll have some useful data on both in a few months. Currently, our clusters are both small and not used exclusively for flyte. What we'd be able to easily describe is what small-scale usage costs look like (and it's not much, especially in AWS). As Ketan pointed out, the Flyte system pod(s) are the cheap part of the setup. Those will probably fit in the excess capacity of any cluster you already operate. It's just operating a cluster comes with some base costs.