Hi all, Can map_task run a dynamic workflow as the...
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Hi all, Can map_task run a dynamic workflow as the mapped task? Looks like it causes issues..
I do not think this is supported today. Cc @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) , we are working on array nodes which may eventually support this, array nodes for simple tasks and pods are available today in experimental
Hey Tom, great question. And Ketan is 100% correct. Currently maptask does not support dynamics; it may run them (would have to test), but not as you expect. Basically, it would execute the entire entity as a single Flyte task -- rather than compiled subworkflow and executing it. So it would be no different than calling regular python functions from the dynamic rather than Flyte tasks.
Thanks @Ketan (kumare3) and @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) I tried a different flow, but encountered some issues running it locally: https://flyte-org.slack.com/archives/CP2HDHKE1/p1696436435571269 care to help?