Hello, looking for suggestion to avoid flytekit du...
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Hello, looking for suggestion to avoid flytekit during registration and runtime as its a common problem amongst that our users face much the python dep conflict and looking for possibilities to lessen the issue. I know we can possibly do multiple registration/use multiple image, but that itself can add complexity as there needs to be more image built during CI and there has been past issues/challenges with fast-register where folder structure and packaged code on multi image in a single registration can override each images code. We can also use
(which requires flytekit 1.8) but for users are on proto3 runtime, they are still using flytekit<1.3 and so its not an option. Questions around abstracting flytekit 1. is
the only task that can allow specification of a image without flytekit? 2. For registration, is it possible to register without flytekit and flytectl alone? If there are any further suggestion around it please advice, thanks!
Hi @Lee Ning Jie Leon, (1) You can specify
in the task decorator: https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/latest/auto_examples/customizing_dependencies/multi_images.html (2) You can register using the
flytectl register
command but you need to package up the code first using the
pyflyte package
command and that requires flytekit. You can use FlyteRemote to register the Flyte entities programmatically: https://docs.flyte.org/projects/flytekit/en/latest/design/control_plane.html#registering-entities.
needs to have flytekit installed?
No, you don't need flytekit. You can directly send image to the
param in the task decorator.
You can write the workflow as yaml and register using flytectl, but it won’t be easy
I would love to understand the conflicts and help you folks make it leaner