We are still seeing `[108]: code:"UnexpectedObject...
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We are still seeing
[108]: code:"UnexpectedObjectDeletion" message:"object [maps-flyte/al8qb8mq9xvkzsr7tvh5-n1-0-108] terminated in the background, manually"
errors when running
(not sure about other tasks). Can confirm
inject-finalizer: true
and finializers are applied to the launched pods:
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  - flyte/array
Anything else I should look into?
Have you collected logs from Flytepropeller? I wonder if there is a correctness issue here where we finalize the pod (removing the finalizer), then fail to send the event to admin, then we attempt to finalize again (at which point the pod has already disappeared) leading to that failure... I would look at flytepropeller for that node and execution (both of these are tags on each log line)...
cc @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) to keep me honest 🙂