Hi everyone. Is there a way for my to access quest...
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Hi everyone. Is there a way for my to access questions that have been asked and answered in the past? I have some questions regarding deploying the flyte-binary helm chart on AWS EKS and the IAM role. I'm getting the "AccessDenied: Not authorized to perform the sts:AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity" error message when trying to register tasks.
Thank you so much. I will have a look around there and see whether I can help myself.
@Jan Costandius also a recommended resource: https://github.com/davidmirror-ops/flyte-the-hard-way/blob/main/docs/03-roles-service-accounts.md If you're getting that error at registration time, it could be a misalignment between flyte-binary Service Account annotations, IAM Role and IAM Policy.
Yes, we identified the issue due to the IAM role not being created correctly. Thanks :)