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Tommy Nam

09/27/2023, 9:40 AM
Hey community, just a quick clarification question and apologies in advance if its a dumb question, So with
pyflyte run
commands, you can specify a
flag and pass in a Python dict to propagate variables to the container running the workflows/tasks. like so:
pyflyte run --envs {"var1":"hello","var2":"world"} --image etcetcetc workflowfile
---- What would be the equivalent mode of passing an
like dictionary In the context of
pyflyte register
pyflyte launchplan
? Context being:
pyflyte register -p flytesnacks --image imagename:1.0.5 --version v0.0.2a ./
pyflyte launchplan -p flytesnacks -d staging launchplan-name v0.0.1a --activate
We see some docs about default and fixed inputs but are not sure if this is the exact same thing


09/27/2023, 4:08 PM
no fixed and default inputs are inputs to the workflow/launch plan itself. nothing to do with dictionaries.
does register not support --envs?
it does not.
um… can you make a ticket for this? we can add it.

Tommy Nam

09/28/2023, 3:08 AM
@Yee Sorry, I don't mean specifically a Python dictionary but basically a dictionary-like strucutre/JSON object that you can pass into the container runtime of the pod/task through a pyflyte CLI command. So basically environment variables for the shell/container runtime - but ticket is made