Hi, I’m trying to write a unit test for a workflow...
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Hi, I’m trying to write a unit test for a workflow that contains a
. This map_task has the
. I’ve tested the workflow in our dev cluster and it seems to work as I would expect. If enough tasks pass the
succeeds and the failed tasks are returned as empty. However in unit testing it appears to ignore the
and if any task fails it immediately exits with an exception. Here’s a small test to illustrate the issue
would you mind filing an issue for this? it’s not supported at the moment. i don’t know if this is super high priority for us though - how badly do you need this?
i think the point of the failure ratio is more to account for failures on a live backend. with the understanding that local execution should pretty much always work
Thanks, it’s not critical, but happy to file an issue I was trying to write a unit test for the workflow to ensure we had setup the map task as desired
I didn’t realize map_task called a different execute function for local vs remote execution