Hi Team, I am trying to run the following example ...
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Hi Team, I am trying to run the following example of "Image_Spec" https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/stable/auto_examples/customizing_dependencies/image_spec.html After successful building the image, I got the following error while trying to push the image:
#21 pushing layers
#21 pushing layers 9.5s done
#21 ERROR: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed
> exporting to image:
Verbose mode on
Exception: failed to run command envd build --path /var/folders/01/m569sr9x04j6x8_sr_n1c03r06hms7/T/flyte-1_vvmrrs/sandbox/local_flytekit/e38a8dcc131d549746dce03d24518275 --platform linux/amd64 --output
type=image,name=flyteorg/flytekit:bs7XeIpZ4eTrTBeR5k0DDA..,push=true with error b'time="2023-09-26T08:51:02+02:00" level=fatal msg="failed to build the image: failed to build: failed to wait error group: failed
to solve LLB: failed to solve: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed"\n'
As a background, we have deployed flyte in GKE in GCP. How can I make sure that the image is pushed to GCP Artifact Registory ? Do I have to change some setting ? Looking for help.
Hi Zeeshan, you have to put your private registry in this section:
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and make sure you have access to the registry by running
docker login
. Let me know if that helps!
Hi @Bram van Meurs Thanks for the response. It has solved the problem.