Hi Team, I have created a simple test Flyte Schedu...
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Hi Team, I have created a simple test Flyte Scheduler using below code :
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    requests=Resources(cpu="100m", mem="50Mi"),
    limits=Resources(cpu="200m", mem="1Gi"),
def print_task():
    print("This is a test print")

def wf_test():

After registering the task i have also activated the plan using following command:
flytectl update launchplan -p flyte-test  -d main Scheduler_test --version m8ZSwKhjiI3fpEJwElYx4A== --activate
But this code runs perfectly fine in my Local but as soon i deploy the setting to our EKS cluster in AWS, i dont see that the event get fired automatically. But then i came across this page : https://docs.flyte.org/projects/cookbook/en/latest/auto_examples/productionizing/lp_schedules.html#platform-configuration-changes-for-aws-scheduler Where it has mentioned that we might need to setup the SQS and Workflow Executer to make the scheduler work. Is that my understanding correct because just above that line it says
You can still run the Flyte native scheduler on AWS.
and also i would like to know which place does this line is pointing to :
To run workflow executions based on user-specified schedules, you'll need to fill out the top-level scheduler portion of the flyteadmin application configuration.
Appreciate your help and input. 🙏 1st Image local 2nd image from AWS
Might be simple and silly question but cant help it new to Flyte and data engineering field 🤷‍♂️
You don’t have to use the AWS scheduler. The Flyte native scheduler should just work
It’s a separate process unless you are using single vibrate
Cc @Samhita Alla / @David Espejo (he/him) let’s delete the docs For AWS scheduler or move to a legacy section
Thanks @Ketan (kumare3) for your help and input, but we have not added any special its a simple EKS cluster with some configuration. So could you please help me with where should i start to debug the issue
Do you have a flyte scheduler pod up and running?
Nope and that i was wondering why its not up and running
Which helm chart have you used to deploy Flyte on EKS?
I realized that the value in our helm chart was false so now will try by enabling to true
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  enabled: false
Is there any command to check if the workflow_scheduler has been enabled or not
You should be able to view the pod.
Is it available now?
I can see the pod
Are the tasks getting scheduled now?
Yes it also started the previous scheduled jobs