Hi all - is it possible to search for workflow run...
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Hi all - is it possible to search for workflow runs based on an input argument? we trigger our launch plans programmatically and we pass in a unique training ID (that we generate) for each of these workflows. but trying to identify the corresponding workflow on flyte’s console UI is difficult esp. because we have a lot of different workflow executions
Why do you not use the unique training ID as the execution name?
that is a better way IMO
and today you cannot filter by inputs, but labels will be supported soon
Cc @Peeter Piegaze fyi
oh man didn’t realise we could specify the execution name, just seen it in the API. thanks @Ketan (kumare3). that said, being able to search/filter by what we input would also be helpful
@Ketan (kumare3) are there any constraints to the execution name? our train IDs were going fine until it came across this specific ID
and flyte complained:
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_InactiveRpcError: <_InactiveRpcError of RPC that terminated with:
        status = StatusCode.INVALID_ARGUMENT
        details = "invalid name format: 078b0145-016a-44d8-bac0-fffa2e722f9c"
        debug_error_string = "UNKNOWN:Error received from peer  {created_time:"2023-10-04T14:08:18.565966+08:00", 
grpc_status:3, grpc_message:"invalid name format: 078b0145-016a-44d8-bac0-fffa2e722f9c"}
don’t see any specific constraints in flytekit other than this:
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# remote.py
execution_name = execution_name or "f" + uuid.uuid4().hex[:19]
Error should be better - also looks like old flytekit - errors have been improved. Could be the length or hyphens.
upgraded to
and errors still look the same. is the name constraint defined on the Go-side, or inside flytekit? can’t find any refs to it in flytekit.
our other IDs look the same and have the same lengths
sorry for the confusion, you are right, the error is admin side. What i was saying is the error reporting has improved client side. let me try launching one on my side
@Brian Tang i am getting
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details: invalid name format: 078b0145-016a-44d8-bac0-fffa2e722f9c
this is the regex -
this should return a better error message - https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/blob/81b94a43359adb2d1055e75221048de766769174/flyteadmin/pkg/manager/impl/validation/execution_validator.go#L134 but it seems the regex matches? So i am indeed confused. cc @Katrina Rogan can you tell?
NM I see, your id begins with a
a digit, this is not allowed. it has to have a
. we should explain this clearly, hard to do
but we should send back the regex for sure
i see - alright, thanks a lot @Ketan (kumare3). that helps immensely
BTw, the error message improvement just got a PR from a community member, once approve will be merged soon