:wave: Hello! I recently submitted a draft PR for ...
# flyte-deployment
👋 Hello! I recently submitted a draft PR for
that adds Azure AD support (flyteorg/stow/pull/9, related convo here). Part of the effort in shoring up that PR is testing the
branch in a Flyte deployment. The changes are tested within the
project, but being able to try it all together would be a nice early check. Is that something somebody here is interesting is trying out? Or, should I just follow the development guide.
That'd be neat for sure. I know @Gopal Vashishtha has some experience with it and other folks here are running on Azure Thanks @Terence Kent!
@David Espejo (he/him) - Cool! I should clarify though. My main interest in testing at this stage is really about using a custom a build of flyte that uses the
branch I've setup. Even deploying that locally (not in Azure) and having it interact with azure storage accounts would be useful. If you (or anyone else) has an interest in doing that loop, I'd appreciate it! There is now a terraform module in my
branch for setting up an Azure storage account for testing. If not, that's fine too! I just probably won't get around to sorting out a local build until late this week or next. Just a lot of other things to do 🙂.
Just a quick update here. I ended up putting together a local build of Flyte and swapping the
implementation to use my local branch. The good news is that
works just fine and the dependency upgrades appear to cause no issues in the
project. On startup, using either AD auth or a shared key, a container with the name specified under
is correctly created. When running a workflow, some
blobs are created, so that's clearly working. The bad news is that all my test workflows fail due to an exception in
. I haven't chased this down yet, but the
paths being created are rejected with the an error of:
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Must provide either a connection_string or account_name with credentials!!
The fsspec created looks like:
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Maybe somebody here already knows what this is. Otherwise, this will need to wait until I can walk through the python library to see what's going on.
Some of our community members were able to resolve this issue you're seeing. Here's a thread: https://discuss.flyte.org/t/13904302/hello-back-with-more-azure-adventures-slightly-smiling-face-#229e5898-71f9-42a8-95ed-2a766495b915
@Samhita Alla I see! Thanks for pointing me to the right place. That situation is not great. It requires an easy-to-get-wrong auth config in each pod template. I'll first see if I can get things working using
and then see if there is an easier way to manage the required configs.