Hi All, I've deployed flyte-binary with auth enabl...
# flyte-deployment
Hi All, I've deployed flyte-binary with auth enabled and using my okta developer account.
https://<my Ingress DNS name>/flyte
is where flyte is running and is redirecting to the okta login page, and after successful login it is going to https://<my Ingress DNS name>/callback?code=<code>&state=<state> which is failing with 401 Unauthorized
Hi @Jagadeesh Avasarala 1. What are you using as redirect URI in Okta? 2. Could you share your anonymized auth config?
Hi @David Espejo (he/him), actually we thought if we enable auth, projects in flyte would be user specific, currently anyone can view any project, but came to know that there is no RBAC support in Flyte currently. So, we are going without auth now. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Will there be RBAC support for Flyte in any of the future releases ? Thank you.