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#ask-the-community Hi all, I managed to setup a simple Flyte cluster on GCP following the tutorial: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/deployment/cloud_simple.html I couldn't portmap the service as explained in the document, so portwarded pod:
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kubectl -n flyte port-forward flyte-backend-flyte-binary-5876c5745b-hhtrd 8088:8088 8089:8089
I can access the Flyte UI on http://localhost:8088/console My config is as follows:
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  # For GRPC endpoints you might want to use dns:///flyte.myexample.com
  endpoint: dns:///localhost:8088
  authType: Pkce
  insecure: false
  show-source: true
  level: 0
When I try to run the example workflow, its gives following error ? Any idea to resolve this ?
insecure: true
why could you not port forward the service out of curiosity?
there are 3 services , but the instruction to portforward is
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kubectl -n flyte port-forward service/flyte-binary 8088:8088 8089:8089
@Yee with
, getting this error
telneting works though
Do I need gRPC for the CLI ? If so need SSL?
Hi @Ashika UMAGILIYA, maybe try this?
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kubectl -n flyte port-forward service/flyte-binary-http 8088:8088 & \
kubectl -n flyte port-forward service/flyte-binary-grpc 8089:8089 &