Hello there :hand: Maybe someone else experienc...
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Hello there Maybe someone else experienced Segmentation fault issue when running
pyflyte package
and have some tips and tricks how to solve or investigate it? The exact command is :
pyflyte --pkgs ssp_sim_pipelines package --image <some_image> --force
The last messages it outputs
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Successfully packaged 8 flyte objects into /Users/nadiiag/workspace/ssp-sim-pipelines/_qstyx/flyte-package.tgz
zsh: segmentation fault /Users/nadiiag/.pyenv/versions/ssp-sim/bin/pyflyte --pkgs ssp_sim_pipelines
there is nothing useful in the verbose mode as well Unfortunately I haven’t found how to make core dumps on my machine (MacBook M1 Max Ventura OS), previous workarounds (https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/694233) don’t works for me It would also be great if anyone has any suggestions how to enable them
Hi Nadiia, aren't the tasks/workflows getting registered despite the segmentation fault?
Hi Samhita No, I don't see it registered
@Nadiia what Python version are you using?
Sorry, I meant don't you see the tgz file? @Nadiia
Yes, tgz files are generated
In that case, you can run the
flytectl register
command. I used to encounter the segmentation fault error as well, but everything used to work fine.
oh, ok, I will check that, thanks for some reason I haven't even tried that the package command has been executed as part of scheduling via styx, and I have't thought about proceeding the rest of the steps manually