Hi. We tried the agent feature in the latest relea...
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Hi. We tried the agent feature in the latest release and got a couple of questions. This might be a long thread so please let me know what could be the best way to communicate, and I will happy to share more. • There is no way to set log URL for an agent so on flyteconsole it is not possible to see log link. I think this is mainly because
is not exposed to agent and
call is transparent to agent. • It is not supported for an agent to already send back a result (resource) as part of
call. While this makes sense for many async tasks, it does not play well with synchronous tasks that can already return a result fairly quickly. The workaround we have now is sending back the result in
and then in
call we just send the
back directly as
. Basically some byte array back and forth. • When
gRPC calls fails, the workflow (a single-tasked one in our test) does not fail and the task appears as queued forever (maybe there is a timeout eventually). And there is generally no way to signal a failure type (e.g. using gRPC error code) in any of the calls (Create/Get/Delete), if I understood it correctly. cc @Kevin Su whom I know has been working on this feature a lot.
This is great @honnix - we should probably move this conversation to a doc?
I think we should attack all of these problems and have the right solutions
I also think we should implement Async agent
re 1: we could add a log link in the resource, so you agent can return a log link re 2: I think sync plugin can address your issue. @L godlike is working on it re 3: this is a known issue. I fixed it here. and it will show the grpc error message in flyteconsole. and yes, happy to learn more about your use case
Thank you for the quick answer. I will start a doc and share the link here.
So here we go https://docs.google.com/document/d/13ppX7Dcuw_rLvcK9ozt0-u6enm-OJ7uhQWD0MKqSHx8/edit. Note that this document is public so please do not reveal any non-public information.