Hello dear community: Join next week's community ...
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Hello dear community: Join next week's community meeting to learn/discuss about: 🗞️ News from the ecosystem 👥 Community and project updates (a good one is coming 🙂 ) 🗣️ Flyte journey at Cradle. Learn from @Eli Bixby about Cradle -a company helping biologists design improved proteins in record time using powerful prediction algorithms- and all the challenges they faced while adopting Flyte, and the multiple contributions they're creating today. Be sure not to miss it. 🗓️ Tue, Sep 5th 🕘 9:00 a.m. PT Don't forget to save the event to your calendar. See you there!
Highlights ICYMI: • We released a set of Terraform modules that automatically prepare the AWS infrastructure so you can deploy Flyte. It's a production-grade setup that covers everything from the VPC and above, including EKS, S3, IAM and Ingress. Check out the repo here: https://github.com/unionai-oss/deploy-flyte@Eli Bixby @Ena Škopelja and the broader Cradle team shared their journey with Flyte at great detail, including multiple ideas to make it better. Thank you! Recording:


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