• Alex Bain

    Alex Bain

    4 months ago
    Hey Flyte Team, I just updated to Flyte
    . No matter what I add to my Propeller
    , I cannot seem to get Stackdriver log links to render in Flyte Console for map tasks (i.e.
    tasks). Map task subtasks always render with Kubernetes log links (even when declaring
    kubernetes-enabled: false
    ). I'm pretty sure that Stackdriver log links just don't work yet for map tasks. Could you confirm that?
  • Just FYI Stackdriver log links are working fine for me for normal (Python) k8s tasks and for Spark tasks. BTW for Spark tasks, I'm enjoying the separation for log links between the Spark driver pod and executors; thanks for that.
  • Haytham Abuelfutuh

    Haytham Abuelfutuh

    4 months ago
    It should work yes… for map tasks..
  • let me get you an example config
  • plugins:
              - displayName: "stackdriver"
                  - "<https://console.cloud.google.com/logs/viewer?project=><my project>&angularJsUrl=%%2Flogs%%2Fviewer%%3Fproject%%3D<my project>&resource=<stack driver log resource name>&advancedFilter=resource.labels.pod_name%%3D{{ .podName }}"
                messageFormat: JSON
  • Alex Bain

    Alex Bain

    4 months ago
    Ah, I think I missed the intermediate
    key. I should have noticed that, I saw it in the code!
  • Let me give it a shot
  • It worked for me! Thanks for the help, Haytham!